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The Family Assessment of Needs & Strengths – Trauma Exposure and Adaptation (FANS-TEA) is an assessment tool designed with three overall purposes: 1) to document the range of strengths and needs exhibited by families affected by trauma, 2) to describe the contextual factors and systems that can support a family’s adaptation from trauma, and 3) to assist in the management and planning of services for families with exposure to and adaptation from traumatic experiences.

The FANS–TEA is designed to be used either as a prospective assessment tool for decision support during the process of treatment planning or as a retrospective assessment tool based on the review of existing information for use in the design of high quality, family centered, trauma informed systems of services.

As a prospective assessment tool, the FANS-TEA provides a structured assessment of families who have been exposed to trauma along a set of dimensions relevant to adaptation to trauma and trauma-specific treatment planning. Used as a profile based assessment tool, it is reliable and gives the clinician, the family and the agency, valuable existing information for use in the development and/or review of the family plan of care and case service decisions.

As a retrospective assessment tool, the FANS-TEA provides an assessment of families currently in care and the functioning of the current system in relation to meeting the needs and strengths of these families. It clearly points out "service gaps" in the current services system. This information can then be used to design and develop the community-based, family-focused, trauma informed system of services appropriate for the target population and the community. In addition, the FANS-TEA assessment tool can be used by providers and supervisors as a quality assurance/monitoring device. A review of the case record in light of the FANS-TEA assessment tool will provide information as to the appropriateness of the family plan of care and whether individual goals and outcomes are achieved.

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